Theory of Mind

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I scratch my eyes reveal my kind
and pin it down to my requires
we're off to use and cease them walls
they give me all that i desire

they savour me, erase her
they favour me, erase her

they're out to get me since I'm giving them out
but one of those could take me a while
it's of no use, you've lost your soul
of what it's worth I guess you now.

I'm sure you've all played your parts in all this
I'm sure this all makes sense, but I know what you are

02. LOW

well I fought systems and keepers, what you gonna do?
I lost my funds to the demon, I don't wanna know
shit will make you fly, just drop me down I'm low
I sink back to the hole, and I don't wanna know

Is it out of you yet?
are we allowed to concern a while?
are we out of the net?
we allowed to consider about?
I don't wanna know

well I shut down my esteem, what you gonna do?
I've stopped to search for the meaning, I don't wanna know
She'll take your life, just drop me down I'm low
I sink back to the hole, and I don't wanna know


have you seen?
you know what I mean
when everything, everything you touch goes to waste
then I scream,
you know what I mean
when everything, everything we touch, turns to shame

so choose your illusion
pin it to the notion that you think you would know what I mean
race down to cover
babe I'm becoming that rock solid bottom I fear
oh I'm fed up on my needs


I prepare to get approved of while you won't let go
bright blue skies reforms
laid me down to make acquaintance with my pros and cons
righteous lights I give up

run my one we're found
run the gun will fire

I'm so fed up on your lectures, why you wont touch ground
back and forth what the fuck
I saw clearly in the distance, faith take shape
one by one I give up

and it seems to me we're done here

I can only see the symbols
perfect shape and taste
run back for the buzz


they suddenly emerged, scraped it away
until there's nothing left, my dreams fade
I will rule the earth, basically
I will make it work, suddenly

I came into your homes, forced you away
and once I made you fools, some will say
that I will let you down and fall behind
I wont make a sound, my divine

but lately your hand is far from mine
you do this yourself til it backfires
open your eyes my divine
I wish I could help, but instead of trying

I escape from you tonight (x2)
I always wondered what it feels like (x2)
I always wondered.


I go to bed and I let it calm the nerves
give me some give me one to fantasize about
these dreams are yours

I see them wrapped around the benefit
so naive so keen to keep the promise
these dreams are yours

but since you've won let me out

I saw the tv saw it say it sing to me
I wrote a song I stripped it down, communicated
these dreams are yours

I see them with their semen specimens
brag of chicks fucking dicks so very pointless
to me to me to me


sit alone eyes on the globe, watching tv
fantasize of whats and whys, and carry on
what is she talking about? narcosis
why aren't we fighting about what to do

sell yourself my one true lover I need to break
a thousand times I say I do

I could use someone like you
I could do with one, can you?

sit alone down by the road, fainting interest
trying to find some to do, then I get high
go to work and you die, amuse me
taking turns go to work, and then you die

and we'll stay there, stay separate
and we'll play dead, faint interest


when you take what you're given
when you start of from loosing ground
now the surface is bending, my mind turns grey its sad

any shots are forgiven when you gamble with space and time
now the bottles are emptied my mind turns grey
and if you feel like I fill, so ashamed

bold decision I'm sure you are
cold transition I'm sure you are
a helping hand
show me you would never let me down

I went down in the moonlight
took a swim in the ocean I thought
then it started to taunt me and sold my parachute

when you take what you're given
everyone's got a loosing point
the excess is a roadkill my mind turns grey
and if you feel like I feel, so ashamed


if I could land, where would you begin
I'd lift you up enchant you
and sway across the isles
but I'm back down, how could I resist

come back here a while, then stay away
lay with me a while, and fade away

if I could stand, where would you begin
I'd let you down and choke you
and watch your veins ignite
but I'm back down how could I


come at yourself you're so unkind
every reason against turned the bad hand
my lack of faith convinced by all
they'll be coming for you (x2)
when all is set they blow you up

how about it child commit to us
since you got me bruised get it over with
I've had my shares convinced by all
they'll be coming for you (x2)

and at the end of days
my efforts are never received
you gotta roll with it
along with haters and fakers and greed
I see that face whistle the beast
oh no

I failed to act surprised for them
fucking with the suits and you're done with
one last request who sold us out?
there's no reason not to(x2)


it's been awaken, it's evil form
it's trivial pursuit has left a mark of thorns
I've been mistaken I was so sure
our levitated state would turn its back and walk

we sought attention, we were so sure
that once we'd get it all we'd be unstoppable
their conversations, they never end
we'll blame it on the world so we can mock some more

in the same time, cause of my emotions
I'm driven forward
insane times, cause of these illusions
we're driven to war

these are the days when eyes like ours bleed
these are the days when we become obsolete

contract the tensions, restrain the womb
I'm cynical enough for you to cut the cord
I love to mention how we are doomed
you know my kind disguised and scorned

these are the days we meet

what is this violence?
why cant we just go?
we're stuck in silence, waiting to explode
why should I stay, let me know
why should I break, let me go


wont you pass this by
my nutritious friend
I'm too sick to try
and I wonder why

stood outside the fence
watched the win the crowd
hoping I'd beat them
but I wonder when

cause these limitations
we keep stone, devil eyes
I'd love to believe and eat your cyanide
escape that crowd

wore my lovers eyes
flushed them down the drain
she wont love me yet
but I wonder when

your states and mine
our fates combine

as soon as you enter my mind
you'll ruin the vision
I made up excuses for fun
now take your commission


there seems to be a part of me that I am scared of
restricted by an entity and I'm all shivers
come again stretch the heart

when someone takes the fall for me I still land first
restricted by the enemy and I'm all shivers
come again with advice

bouncing back and forth in groups I cannot share
apologize to all your friends and give me a break
come again it's divine

they'll make you something that your not, a pure routine
I've never ever felt so lost, help me scream and

come again stretch the heart, you know that I need it
come again with advice, you know that I need it
come again it's divine, you know that I need it
come again wear me out

Lyrics © Johan Fredin - Taikes