Saviour lyrics




raise the stage on me
into the wrath I see
my need surreal
an endless need
my heroes are the fainted
it's everywhere to me
my need surreal, yeah

when I'm weak she fills my heart
I get them pills to feed my heart
wonder if I've been so lost

there's a hole, inside my head
you'll notice once I'm dead
my need surreal
those endless fields

whelm yourself on me
into the wrath I see


and again words won't work turn another lie
words won't work as I try... brain-dead anarchy
and friend how long have I known you now
how long have I walked... I try not to think of it.

never seen a face so dignified, I get thru with all my lies
never choked well never cared, right into her face he stared
masculine man you're not to blame, you're disturbed I am insane
take my place and take my chair, I wont make it anyway

and again, a friend of mine tells another lie
friend of mine step aside... I don't want your kindness
does it say, that friends can take everything of yours
that friends can kill your time... vultures colour-blindness.

once upon a time I had a friend who didn't kill my time.
once upon a time I had a heart that didn't seam to mind now
well kill him kill him, bury this old friend of mine
kill them kill them, kill the so called friends of mine.


In a sad place, in a bad case memorial
I feel trapped here, and I know it's been said before
but I can't do, what I thought I was to
I'm a fool, but at least with you

in a someday, in a place that I've never been
we shall go there, spend our days in a world obscene
but I can't fake, in the end I'll break
I'm a fool, but at least with you

I'm offended, but I am not so good
I will spend them on what's not so good
and surrendered, but I know it's no point to prove
what you cannot do.

something wants me and I know it's been there before.
we must stay here, these are walls covered over-bored
so now it starts, you will kill my heart.
then I can chew, what I thought was you.


when I'm awfully down on the inside she brings a smile to formalize
I'm captured with downfall... and nothing at all.
when you're off your sense of proportion... you get so high on yourself
I am but that wall... forgiving it all

when nothing turns out that way, break one's heart out to stay.
and nothing makes her small... nothing at all.
when I can't kill myself enough, I find another way around
nothing makes her small... nothing at all.

when you can't breathe and you're drowning, the space between gets wider
she finds me standing tall... forgiving it all
when I've shattered my intuition, I can't get high on myself
I am but that wall, forgiving it all

just thought you were my saviour
giving bad behaviour... saviour
now that my heart expired
you're shooting friendly fire... saviour

Lyrics © Johan Fredin - Taikes