Life Support lyrics


what's the matter with my eyes mom?
while their looking back at me tonight
you've been this pretty little demon
now you're aiming at me

don't forget self hatred
I'm only halfway faded
don't forget to hate me now
don't forget self hatred
turn it out and brake it
don't forget to hate me now

it all came tumbling down

what's the matter with your eyes love?
why are they looking back at me tonight?
you've been this fucked up little soul mate
now you're aiming at me


he's been in there for ages
locks himself in cages
I've cut myself on razorblades
for too long now
hear them talking thru the walls
hear them talking to you
hear their thoughts they're just like yours
hear them...

found myself in pills and razorblades
you disappeared without a trace
I died for you an endless death
I killed for you I'll kill you

sing to me the angel underneath
she is more than willing
feed me so pathetic and so weak
on this morning after
turn to me and turned out just like yours
are these angel eyes of yours

she cut him down and watched him die
served her head up higher

the one that made me feel so insecure
lives in a soul that can't be cured

when I was sweet sixteen I lost myself within a year
couldn't bare to take the outside wouldn't dare to get them near
I... I stopped

signal you
same old you


on my own I can be everything I want to
everything I need
in my world I feel strong
killing me a fortune telling what's wrong
open your eyes to me
longing to set them free

and I yearn to be yours
and to heal my open sores
and I long for your time
to refill my bashed up mind
but your somewhat disaster has been killing me faster
I'm running on life support when you opened up too far
did you think you inspired me? did you think you admired me?
got me running on life support when you opened up too far

and there you stood tall
making my eyes burn making me fall
and when you let it show
tearing it asunder making it grow

and now you could be mine
and refill my bashed up mind
I know you'd make me grow
and release my shattered soul

keep trying not to hear their voices
I keep making more pathetic choices

well sometimes you were scared and went to him
you went to him and
thru you I've found who I want to be
you want from me? I am
too strong I'm too undone I said to him
I said to him
adore me unfold me that I want from you
I want from you

into this life watching as I stumble
undo me well watching as I crumble

Lyrics © Johan Fredin - Taikes