Dreamcatcher lyrics


coming the daze when i walked her ground
my instinct tells me I'm never to be found

dont except me as I am cas I will
slip into the sand
dont expect to understand but I am
two feet from the heart, the borderline

and this is all for you
this one, this is all for you

exchanging heads just to sleep past noon
my inner yells and I do not have the room


send back all your words
and tie myself to the curse
and if you say you're not too bad I will hunt for you
I cant help how I feel
the cold has broken the seal
and if you wanted me to go I will praise you

get me up high towards the unknown, as we left
but i wont lie I'm more than ever, as sweet as you want me to

you won't give me a chance
to show that you have advanced
and if you say you're not to good I will hunt for you

as sweet as you want me to
I can be


always have I felt that I'm not worth to be
mended by a love that can't be worshiped
help me and I'm no different
help me and I'm so deadbeat

therefore, long gone
unborn and I need help from you

mustn't do me any harm, this hollow love
I live thru this, I'll live with it
I'm a soldier snow-blind, I honoured you
now live with it, now

but I have always felt that I'm not worth to be...

therefore, long gone
unborn and I need help from you
they all, downfall
care of me I need help

04. FOUR

tell me there's nothing more to say
so I may spoil the moment
tell me your blue skie has fade to grey
so we may love forever...drenched in our lies

saw you walking down the stair
you shined ontop of your blue skie
once it buries for you we'll be on time...to celebrate

I'm a deranged and plane old dumb
since we've been friends forever
how must it feel to be like you
yeah it's that bad

saw you walking down the shore

I'll break the bonds with everyone
I'll start with you
I'll never kneel to anyone I'm brand new
and only as it comes
you feed it to the bones
concrete order none so dum like you


back from the street once again so cheap I lie wide awake
starting to heel starting to feel now that I killed you
loving myself pitying myseld when i like to
clear out the room so I can fool you, and you all
It's only a daybreak away

love of your behalf is ment to las i hope, I am there
open to me so we can start a way out
it's only a daybreak away

so where do we go I dont know
but I'll find you there unchained
open the cage and swallow whole
I will find you there again

losing for you eating all your wounds may I cry out loud
I can acchieve as long as you dont
here comes the smile for you you fucked being

sing to me
won't mean a thing to me

now that you know that I can self glow, wait out


put my head to the knees getting rigged for the showdown
when I earned the line
spitting to the beat I'm as cold as I wana be
splitting the sheets I'm haunting to be one

down in the universe
it seems hard for me to dream
down and then you collide
now show me how to wake up

compressed to thinner space
and it's hard enough to wage
begging for defeat I've go so much more to be
my inner seed is haunting to be one

wake up

quite a startoff haven't you heard
her little star has burned right out of heart


everyday you're the same speaking out stupid ways
ways you dont understand
gets to be part of the think you hate me cas i stink
you know you were ment to be your own

all my dolls thinks of me as asylum
gets to be part of the inner sanctum

if you want to belong go outside pretend you're strong
implant it in you fruitcake
isn't me, has to be now you can to
it shouldn't have to feel this good

once again I pretend to be nothing
all my dolls say to me I dont need a thing
I you feel like you need an asylum
think of me, disagree

don't you even, dont you even care daddy
how I rejected life
won't you even, won't you even let me be
now that i injected hell
I'm a youth in dispute and its only half past twelve
I'm a youth in dispute and I'm only major laid


isn't it time about now to go home
and tell your friends about it
isnt it time to let go
we both know it won't be the same without it

it will hurt, it will burn
but we know better days
once it turns you will learn
to excel your hatred

ditching out class staying stoned
to find home when I saw your face among us
isn't it time we went home
I don't know but Im sure we'll figure out it

the face that you wear
has been carved out of troubled times
forget who you were
you're the finest in this life

tonight I'll be there to keep you from dying out
tonight you'll be spared
I will keep you from dying out

and if I saw you try I could live better
we must sigh to survive
and it will be better now


have I stumbled with words?
corporate eyes since her birth
you're the one that I want just for the time being
I will send u the grade u stupid idiot
spare me I will not love
suit yourself and burn
nowadays to escape I find it hard to stay alive
I will speak to the lord once he rejects me

I come undone
I come undone with you
gets your souls concreted
I live my life thru hatred
can I love with the one next door?

so we've come thru this far
deadbeat boulevard
some as pretty as you could never worship dead eyes
I will speak to the lord but for the time being


it's been a while now since I focused on pain
your rage in me helps
the words that you spoke made me one step away
your rage in me

don't consider
this time I'm better

where were you when I was scared?
I changed, I feel damnation
how can you think that I dont care?
I to have felt damnation

you're wasting your time trying to figure how to eat
you'll make it worse

fade out fade now

there goes her weight
fuck you I wont do a thing that you say
fuck you you wont prove a thing with this shit
fuck you you're eating the sister away


outside my room there's a view
and endless grace and a youth
you're simply the best of me

eyes went cold when abused
the bitter taste and the fumes
was simply the best of me
you're simply the

sentence where are you?
cut myself under your tongue
conscience why not you?
when I need to where are you?

tried so hard to be yours
that wasted life you enforced

you're simply the best of me
gets thru where I want to.


free, well as good as it came to be
in this life my god is for no one else

fly little bee
buried me

creep, just see what you've done to me
me, I can be so burned out

fly little bee
buried me
buried again (x2)


display you're words
another promise went to waste
let it burn, let me learn from you
deny all hopes of free will
don't ever close the door to my room
keep me safe, keep me locked away

since they declared unstable
I've had the time to feel this shameful
peaceful compation
and every word you lied out
for everytime I glued my heart up
and fucked up they've tried to

they've trie to break me
and they've tried to save
and they've tried to break me
and I've tried to save me
and I've tried to break free
and I've tried to

they've tried to
I've tried to I had to

Lyrics © Johan Fredin - Taikes