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Theory of Mind
Theory of Mind cover
  01. My Kind   [ lyrics ]
  02. Low   [ lyrics ]
  03. Notion   [ lyrics ]
  04. Hypochondriac   [ lyrics ]
  05. Always Wondered   [ lyrics ]
  06. Let Me Out   [ lyrics ]
  07. Play Dead   [ lyrics ]
  08. Like Roadkill   [ lyrics ]
  09. The Calm One   [ lyrics ]
  10. Suits   [ lyrics ]
  11. These are the Days   [ lyrics ]
  12. Cyanide   [ lyrics ]
  13. Apologize to All Your Friends   [ lyrics ]
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Apologize to all your friends
Released on Jan 2nd, 2010. It contains 10 new songs:
01. Chloroform
02. Bones
03. Everybody Dies
04. Get It Right
05. Daft Anthem
06. Memento
07. Aquatic
08. Sever
09. Violator
10. Pulse

Listen to a medley with all the songs.

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The new single! Released 4th of April.
First song to be released from the upcoming album. Cover design by Marcus Daun.

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1. Borderline
2. As We Left
3. Deadbeat
4. Four
5. Unchained
6. Asteroid
7. All My Dolls
8. Once It Turns
9. Masterplan
10. Damnation
11. Best of Me
12. Burned Out
13. Counter Clockwise
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The first full-length album by Taikes consists of nine brand new songs and four remastered songs from the "We've all.." CD. Recorded by Peter Heddelin and Taikes in studio K3, Uddevalla.

Unplugged and B-sides
1. Burned Out - acoustic
2. Deadbeat - acoustic
3. Angel Eyes - acoustic
4. Cope
5. Sympathy X
6. In Me
7. Borderline - acoustic
8. Life Support - acoustic
9. With You - acoustic
10. Friends Of Mine - acoustic
11. Consulation
12. Damnation - acoustic
13. Sell Yourself
14. As We Left - acoustic
15. Stayed Emotions 2007
16. That's Fine - acoustic
17. Once It Turns - acoustic
18. That's Fine 2007
There are many songs by Taikes that never have travelled outside the rehearsal room, and many that have become really good acoustic versions of as well. For 18 weeks in a row during autumn 2007 while Johan was in Mexico and Taikes could perform no gigs, every week there was a new song available for download for everyone to enjoy. Give your thoughts, praise or criticism for the songs in the guestbook or on our Myspace.

We've all lived through this
1. Condemned
2. Deadbeat
3. Masterplan
4. Unbreakable
5. Burned Out
6. Best of Me
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After coming home from the gigs in Mexico, december 2005, Taikes knew it was about time to record all the new songs composed over the last nine months. As the two songs 'Masterplan' and 'Best of Me' made Taikes the winners of both Mölndalsrocken and Rock of Bohuslän in February, giving them recording time in the great studio 'K3' in Uddevalla, the timing could not have been better. Recorded and mixed by Peter Heddelin and Taikes in March 2006.
Note: Since the album Dreamcatcher has been released, the physical CD is no longer available, but the songs can be found on iTunes.
Life Support
1. Tumbling Down
2. Angel Eyes
3. Life Support

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This Taikes CD was at the time of its release also the best one so far according to themselves. There has been a lot of work put on the songs to make the sound and the atmosphere around them fit together smoothly. The songs 'Tumbling Down' and 'Angel Eyes' were Taikes' contribution at the Swedish national music contest 'Musik Direkt' where they qualified for the regional finals. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Linus Serholt and Taikes in Studio Vind, Horred, May 2005.
1. Introverted
2. Zolost
3. Friends of Mine
4. With You
5. Saviour  
During early december 2004 it was all set for a new recording, the style of the songs perfected over the previous months. The popular 'Zolost' heading more towards emo rock, whereas the seven minute long 'Saviour' mixes a beautiful and calm verse with a heavier distorted chorus. This CD has been released in three different versions, though the audio tracks remain the same.
Demo 2
1. DeGeneration
2. Now I know
3. Forgive Me
4. Stayed Emotions
5. Empathy
6. Drugs
Under a hectic schedule in an attempt to have the second CD released before 'Mölndalsrocken' in January 2004, the band finally managed to record a session in their own studio. In short, 'Demo 2'.
Nothing More, Nothing Less
1. Could it be Love
2. Dark Rain
3. Eventually
4. Greedy
5. My Thoughts  
6. Reflections
7. That's Fine
This first CD, recorded during two summer weeks in 2003, contains all Taikes' songs from the first year.
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Theory of Mind
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